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  • Registered and Authorised Franchise Network of eswayamvaram is now available at a total investment of Rs.5000/- wef 2011 April Please click the search franchise link.
  • Registration through franchise is very easy and economical you will receive more value added services ask your franchise to provide you mail box services.
  • Payment of Registration Fees or Renewal Charges is made directly through the Franchise.
  • Franchise can help you with internet telephony, web camera and audio video chat facility you can arrange a private meeting with your partners.
  • If you have selected a groom or a bride in a particular location and you want to obtain references or you want to have some private investigation or discussion or negotiations.
  • You can send letters, gifts, mails, documents through the network of franchisee, we are preparing them for the futuristic ecommerce business sending gifts, data and cash collection centers.
  • Astologers in the locality of the franchise can help you with the matrimonials.

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