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 Poems - by Alexandria
My Hero Everlasting Love Friendship
Hold On Live with me Memories of you
My love for you Rare Love The Beginning
My Hero
You're brave enough to show
your deepest secrets and fears,
You're not afraid to laugh at me
or even shed a tear.

You're the dew on my feet
on a crisp early morn,
You're my shoulder to lean on
when I'm tired and worn.

At night your my stars
in the day you're my sun,
even when we're apart
we're still together as one.

I will stand by you always
until the end of all time,
and on the stairway to love
together we'll climb.
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Everlasting love
As I sit here watching the words scroll by
reading the lines of Poets'
I think of how much you mean to me
And I must be sure you know it
Each day I love you more and more
My heart it over flows
And I have to wonder to myself
Do I always let it show
I know that I can be stubborn
The truth I don't always see
It hides away in the dark
Waiting to be set free
Afraid to put my trust in you
Afraid that you will leave
That you will take my heart again
And throw it back at me
But as much as I fear the love
It grows inside me still
Filling me with thoughts of you
Its the pain I want to kill
My heart aches for you Sweetheart
Its so full its about to burst
In my life you will always be
The one that I put first
I'm sorry if I ever hurt you
My love does not always show
But I can make this promise to you
My love for you continues to grow
I swear to always be here for you
And I know you'll be here for me too
I can't wait for that special day
When we each say "I do"
We will live happily forever
In a home overflowing with love
And each night before I close my eyes
I will thank our God above
For giving me someone so special
A love thats always true
If I ever lost you Sweetheart
I don't know what I would do
You are the reason I'm happy
The reason that I live
And for your happiness Darling
My life I would gladly give
Please don't forget that I love you
And that I need you so much in my life
And we will be together forever
As husband and as wife.
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Its very rare
and hard to find
a special friend
someone whos kind
to keep your secrets
and never tell
no matter how mad
they will never yell
always there
tried and true
pick you up
when you feel blue
make you happy
when you're sad
protect you at all cost
when you're bad
never leave you
always by your side
shows true feelings
the truth never hides
my best friend sweetie is you
love me forever
and I'll always love you
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Hold On

Come hold me till I fall asleep
Love me with all your heart
Allow me into your soul
And I swear we will never part

I will love you with all that I am
And all that I will ever be
Just hold me through the night
And tomorrow you will see....

How deep my love goes for you
How it spreads far and wide
Look deep into my eyes now
Can you see I tremble inside?

I want you so much
My heart aches with pain
I need you so much
I think I'm going insane

Just promise you won't leave me
And that you'll always be here
If you hold me through the night
I won't have any fears

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Live with me
Walk with me
through the valley of flowers
Skip with me
in afternoon showers
Lay with me
in the pouring rain
Run with me
to escape the pain
Come sit with me
in my field of dreams
Underneath the moon
we will plan and scheme
To go hand in hand
through life we will glide
Over the rainbows
together we will slide
Dance through the forest
Skate across the sky
Happy and free
Just you and I
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Memories of you
Everywhere I turn I see you
Each word I speak
reminds me of something you said
With each breath I take
I smell your sweet scent....
And I still taste you on my lips
Every site I see
reminds me of the places we saw together
You have become my world!!!!
I know nothing but you....
Your scent
Your taste
Your words
Your laughter
Your touch
Your tears
Your Memories....
Thats all I live for now.
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My love for you
You asked me how much I love you.
God, where do I begin?
You are the reason I wake each morning.
And the reason I dream each night.
I can't breathe without whispering your name.
Or close my eyes without seeing your face.
When we are apart my body aches for you.
When we are together I long to please you.
When I laugh, when I cry, when I daydream....
Its all done with you in mind.
I know I have known you not just in this life,
but in many lives before.
Because I have more love in my heart for you,
than a person can gather in just one lifetime.
Without you I could not walk the earth.
For you are the reason I exist.
You are my whole heart as well as my soul.
Without your love I would be empty.
So you see, you are my everything, my life.
Thats how much I love you.
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Rare love
While you are so far away
You seem so very close
Maybe its because when I dream
I see your face the most

I rush home to see if you called
Because I long to hear your voice
I would not pick another man
If I were even given the choice

You are everything I dream of
Perfection in its rarest form
I can't wait until you hold me
making my cold heart warm

You fill my days with Hope
as you fill my nights with lust
Of all the people in this world
Its only you I trust

I now give my heart to you
Treat it with tender care
It will always be open
As my love waits for you there.
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The Beginning
I picked a pretty flower today
It was delicate like my heart
But then it reminded me of you
So I tore it all apart
With each petal I remembered
The lies that you spoke
The pain that you caused
The hearts that you broke
The flower was a thing of beauty
But now its ugly and bare
I tried to stop the destruction
But I just didn't care
I just kept ripping and tearing
Pulling it all apart
Wanting it to be you
Wishing it was your heart
I looked at the petals
Lying on the ground
A crumpled up pitiful mess
As a tear fell slowly down
It dropped on the petals
I couldn't believe my eyes
A flower started to grow
Much to my surprise
Out of something so ugly
A new start is made
As my heart heals
Memories start to fade
Time is my friend now
As I watch the flowers grow
I can let my heart mend
Because I have let you go

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