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Privacy Policy
SHOPPING PRODUCTS VENDORS ARE INVOLVED IN DISTRIBUTORSHIP OR MANUFACTURING SUITABLE FOR WEDDING, BIRTHDAY, OR ANNIVERSARY GIFTS. Such as but not limited to Handicraft items, Imitation Jewellery, Watches, Electronic Products, Ties and Scarves, Perfumes, FRESH FLOWERS such as Table Bouquets, Hand Bouquets, SWEETS such as Indian Mithai, Wedding and Birthday Cakes, Ice Creams, Dry Fruits, JEWELLERY such as 18 carat,22 carat, 24 carat, diamond studded, precious stones, gems, pearls, of various categories such as Rings, Ear Rings, Nose Rings, Pendants, Bracelets, Necklace, Sets, Anklets, Bangles, Chains, Gems and Stone Studded Jewellery,DRESS MATERIALS such as wedding dresses for Mens and Women, Silk Sarees, Wedding Costumes, Western Dresses, Ethnic Dresses, INVITATION AND GREETING CARDS for reception, engagements, thank you cards, wedding, birthday or anniversary cards HOTELS AND RESORTS Hill Resorts, Beach resorts, Plantation Resorts, Cruise Boats for Back Waters, Hotels and such Products, Owners, Dealers, Distributors or Marketing Organization and Manufacturers of such range of products or their affiliates companies are eligible to be registered as vendors.
Registration Fees

Vendor Membership registration is valid from the date of registration. Applicants are required to fill up the vendor registration form in all respects. For advertising products, preparing banners, or creating customize pages for the vendors kindly send product details by e-mail to or by post or courier to

(A divison of Shreekrishna International)
B-1/189, Fort Vypeen, Kochi-682 510
Ernakulam, Kerala, INDIA.
Mobile: 98952 40952, 98460 22448. Tel: 95484 2503558.
Portal Service Fees
Monthly site maintenance, web management and portal administration charges will be charged for product shelf maintenance depending on each customer requirements. Payable in advance on quarterly basis by cash/demand draft in favor of our company.The rates can be mutually agreed upon depending on the type of services required and the marketing and media planning.
Late Fee
Registered Vendor Members who default in paying the monthly service charges on time will be charged RS. 20/- (Rupees twenty only) as late fees per month.
Cancellation of Membership
Registered Vendors can cancel membership by writing an e-mail or a registered letter to the address at the end of each quarter before the 10th of the next month to cancel their Vendor Membership.
Product Prices      

Registered Vendors must provide product prices with its validity period per quarter, per day or per week as the case may be for any price fluctuation or changes in the Product Pricing Vendors must ensure that sufficient notice must be provided to affect such changes on the portal. Any revision or changes to the product prices must be indicated in writing to the office or web manager.

Prices offered should be inclusive of all taxes, and standard packing charges. Delivery to Customer will be charged on actual based on the weight and volume and mode of shipment for each order executed.

These prices must be very competitive to make the offers attractive through the portal. The prices quoted for each product model, item must be clearly stated with the number of pieces, weight, size, colour, dimension, and particulars so that customers who shop through the net will have full information of the product and understand the product correctly. Any errors in specifications and or material descriptions etc. must be corrected before the order confirmation is made. Any mistake in delivery or materials specifications or any product variations will be at the entire risk and responsibility of the Vendor. Products will be displayed on the web site with Brand Names or Registered Company Names. Registered vendors can take the opportunity to compete with the market by making special trade discounts or bargain offers. Such bargain offers will be displayed against the product item offered on the left side or right side of the webpage through advertisement either singular or combined.
Product Details and Specifications      
Registered Vendors should indicate products weight and volume before delivery and order confirmation. If the product is above or more than Two 2 Kgs. And additional packing charges will be involved then such information should be given to the portal before the Dispatch of the Product. Guarantees and Warranties will be applied Internationally. No Vendor can sell products through this Portal without proper warranty and guarantees to customer, for repairs, services, and or exchange. The product catalogs, data sheets, technical specifications, images, product number, product code, stock position for each product (in stock or in transit or require delivery time). Each product ID is coded with a secret key number which will be known to the individual manufacturer or vendor for future correspondence and action. It can be based on the existing product code and reference numbers of the company.
Delivery of Products
Products will be delivered to customers free of cost through India post upto maximum range of 1000 Kms. From Cochin and maximum weight of 2Kgs. Every additional kilogram will be charged at the rate of RS. 10/- per Kg payable by the Customer as per the actual cost indicated prior to shipment. Orders will be executed only after receiving confirmation of payment from the Customer.
Order Confirmation
Vendors are required to reconfirm the order, delivery time and availability within 48 hours of receiving an e-mail notification from the site indicating the order received failing which the order will be passed to the next logistically located vendor and next competitive price.
Invoicing Procedure
All invoices and delivery order must be sent and addressed to the customer as per the prices and product specifications in the order by the customer no changes can be made without prior approval of the customer. Any changes must be indicated before the delivery of the product or before the dispatch. Any delivery charges or additional packing charges, shipment charges or courier or airfreight charges will be billed on actual by the Delivery and Logistics Company as per the instructions of the manufacturer or Vendor.
Payment Procedure
All product payments will be specified on the order copy. If products are delivered to Customers Directly then the payment to the Vendor will be settled after 3 working days of delivering the consignment to the customer and after deducting any other charges which may be payable by eswayamavaram on account of any expenses incurred additionally due to the fault of the Vendor a Commission if payable to Eswayamvaram which will be deducted from the payment received buy the customers will be deducted as a percentage % of the net invoice value. These terms are negotiable and mutually agreeable.
All products should be under manufacturers and suppliers warranty for minimum one year. Perishable products will not have any warranty. They must be insured by the Vendor upto the point of delivery and acceptance by the customer. These details must be clearly specified. Defective products, or parts must be replaced, repaired, delivered or serviced free of cost. Collection of such defective damaged or faulty products must be arranged by the Vendor.
The products supplied by the vendor must be guaranteed original products and not counterfeit products. The supply of spares and service must be provided as per the terms and conditions of the prevailing business laws by the Vendor according to the nature of the product.
Maintenance, Service and Technical Support
If any product requires maintenance, service support and technical help, vendors must clearly indicate if the services are provided onsite or offsite or free of cost.
Validity of Contract
The contract is valid and automatically renewed unless stated otherwise in writing by both parties by terminating the agreement at the end of the quarterly period.
In the event of any discrepancy between the goods ordered by the customer or supplied by the vendor, products can be exchanged between the vendor and customer directly. However if goods delivered were not in accordance with the ordered details and specifications the vendor must arrange Tel provide the necessary replacement or refund of the value paid by the customer directly.
General Condition      
All terms and conditions described in the contract is subject to change or amendment and agreed in writing mutually.
Directory Listing
All members participating in our portal will be listed with details of the organization and contact address, telephone, e-mail id.
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