Search Tips
To optimize your search query simply type the Keyword in these formats when you use Search. This Search is not a case sensitive one.(i.e, Flower, FLOWER, flower are all the same)
ear ring Finds documents that contain either ear or ring or any capitalized variant. This query will fetch the details containing either Ear ring, ear ring, Ear Ring or any other kinds of rings featured in the database.
earring Finds documents that contains the exact match.
  Please follow these Instructions...
Do not use any special characters or symbols while using Search.
Avoid characters like @"',+ - etc while using Search.
This Search allows only keyword search facility.
Avoid entering lengthy strings for Search.
For the Search to be successful please check the spelling you type in the Search text field.
If you want to search for flowers, enter "flowers" in the Search text field without double quotes(" ").
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