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  Ayurvedic Packs
1. Rejuvenation Pack (AY_PCK400)
Shakti/Ayurshakti tea.
Price : Rs. 539/- 1 Pack
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2. Ayurvedic Health Care Pack (AY_PCK401)
Each pack includes a tea and tablets enough to last two weeks. The packs are available for diabetes, high blood pressure, migraine, skin disorder, infertility, arthritis, obesity, liver disorders, urinary tract infections, asthma, mental stress, constipation, indigestion and sinusitis.
Price : Rs. 588/- 1 Pack
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3. De-toxification Pack (AY_PCK402)
This pack contains: 1 cleansing tea, 1 digestive tablets and 2 triphala tablets.
Price : Rs. 539/- 1 Pack
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4. Hair and Skin Care Pack (AY_PCK403)
This Pack contains: 1 shampoo of your choice, 1 Ever Young cream and 1 herbal face pack.
Price : Rs. 539/- 1 Pack
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5. Well-being pack (AY_PCK404)
This Pack contains: 1 sleepwell tablets, 1 stresscalm tablets and 1 packet of Ayurvedic tea.
Price : Rs. 539/- 1 Pack
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6. Herbal Face Pack (AY_PCK405)
The herbal pack is helpful in removing extra sensitive facial skin for all skin types. It rejuvenates the facial skin, increases the glow and makes the skin healthy. Herbal face pack primarily tightens skin and effectively subsides acne. The special sea-shell powder is the secret to a lasting healthy, clear and lustrous face.
Price : Rs. 490/- 1 Pack
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