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1. Almond Shampoo (AY_SHP600)
A cellular rejuvenator herbal formula which gradually removes unwanted wrinkles, blackheads and spots. A useful creme to rediscover the lost youthful look. Good for normal to dry skin. Ever Young is the perfect cleanser which eliminates dead epithelial cells and accelerates the natural skin renewal process. Extremely effective moisturizing refresher which works its way to a glowing complexion.
Price : Rs. 240/- 125 ml
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2. Amla Shampoo (AY_SHP601)
Amla shampoo is an excellent proteinizer and cleanser. Amla is a traditional Ayurvedic supportive ingredient for hair loss, thinning of hair and gray hair, its combination with Acasia rugata and Sapindus trifoliatus makes it a perfect toner for normal hair. This herbal pH-balanced formula makes the hair soft, smooth and clear.
Price : Rs. 240/-
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3. Henna Hair Care (AY_SHP602)
Henna Hair Care is an advanced 100% pure herbal formula of several herbs,which have been used over the years to promote hair growth and add that special henna tinge to your hair. An excellent conditioner for hair and keeps the hair shining, healthy, soft and smooth.
Price : Rs. 392/- 200 grams
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4. Jasmine Shampoo (AY_SHP603)
Jasmine shampoo is a seasonal herbal treatment shampoo manufactured from fresh jasmine extract for active cleansing of hair without affecting the pH balance of the scalp. It is good for all kinds of normal hair. It gives a feeling of freshness due to its natural jasmine fragrance. It can be used daily.
Price : Rs. 336/- 125 ml
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5. Neem shampoo (AY_SHP604)
Neem is well known for its anti bacterial effect. Neem shampoo is very effective in scalp infections, dandruff and itchy scalp. In addition it maintains a normal growth of hair, nourishes the hair and keeps them healthy and clean.
Price : Rs. 240/- 125 ml
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6. Papaya Shampoo (AY_SHP605)
Papaya shampoo is good for removal of dry dandruff and skin diseases of the scalp. It nourishes the hair and prevents hair loss. A very good combination for maintaining healthy, shining and thick hair especially in regions or countries which have long winters.
Price : Rs. 240/- 125 ml
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