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1. Agnikumar Rasam Gulika (AY_TAB227)
Very effective ayurvedic medicine for Fever, Cough, Bronchitis and Asthmatic trouble.
Price : Rs. 100/- 100 nos.
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2. Ashtakashaari Gulika (AY_TAB228)
Ashtakashaari is a very rare combination of various natural and completely safe ingredients for the successful treatment of Grahini, Diarrhoea and Stomach Pains.
Price : Rs. 145/- 100 nos.
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3. Chandraprabha Gulika (AY_TAB229)
Chandraprabha is 100% safe Ayurvedic formulation for eliminating Leucorrhoea, Uterine Complaints , Urinary Infection.
Price : Rs. 120/- 100 nos.
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4. Chukkumthippalyadi Gulika (AY_TAB230)
An effective medicine for the treatment of Fever, Cough and Indigestion.
Price : Rs. 100/- 100 nos.
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5. Dhanwamthara Gulika (AY_TAB231)
Dhanwamthara Gulikais a very natural and completely safe for the treatment of Vayu Trouma, Cough and Palpitation Angina.
Price : Rs. 95/- 100 nos.
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6. Eladhi Thulasi Chewable Tablets (AY_TAB232)
An ancient ayurvedic formulation for the treatment of Cough. Available in 250 tablets pack
Price : Rs. 125/- 250 tablets
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7. Eladhi Thulasi Chewable Tablets (AY_TAB233)
An ancient ayurvedic formulation for the treatment of Cough. Available in 150 tablets pack
Price : Rs. 75/- 150 tablets
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hair guardian
8. Gopichannadi Gulika (AY_TAB234)
Helps to eliminate Fever and Cough in children.
Price : Rs. 120/- 100 nos.
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9. Gorochanadi Gulika (AY_TAB235)
An ideal Ayurvedic preparation for Fever, Cough, Asthmatic problems and Bronchial complaints.
Price : Rs. 240/- 100 nos.
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10. Karuthavatta Gulika (AY_TAB236)
Karuthavatta Gulika can be used externally for Odema and Abcess.
Price : Rs. 0/- 0 nos.
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11. Kaishora Gulgulu Gulika (AY_TAB237)
An ideal Ayurvedic preparation for Vatharaktha, Vranam, Oedema and Eczema. Available in 100 tablets pack.
Price : Rs. 130/- 100 nos.
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kamilari plus
12. Kasthooryadi Gulika (AY_TAB238)
Very good medicine for Vayu Rogas, Breathing difficulty, Cough and Bronchitis.
Price : Rs. 139/- 100 nos.
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13. Krimi Kalanal Rasam Gulika (AY_TAB239)
Description. Available in a pack of 100 tablets
Price : Rs. 100/- 100 nos.
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14. Mahayogaraja Gulika (AY_TAB240)
A tried and trusted unique herbal formulation that combats Rheumatic Complaints, Joint Pains and Swelling.
Price : Rs. 0/- 0 nos.
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15. Manasamithra Vadakam (AY_TAB241)
An effective remedy for Mental diseases and Epilepsy. It can also be used as a Memory booster and Anxiety reliever.
Price : Rs. 400/- 100 nos.
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16. Mandoora Vadakam (AY_TAB242)
Mandoora Vadakam is very good in the treatment of Anemia and Odema.
Price : Rs. 120/- 100 nos.
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17. Mukkamukadukkadi Gulika (AY_TAB243)
A completely safe natural remedy for Fever, Cough, Vomiting and Indigestion.
Price : Rs. 70/- 100 nos.
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18. Sooryaprabha Gulika (AY_TAB244)
Sooryaprabha is a completely safe Ayurvedic formulation for Cough and Fever.
Price : Rs. 97/- 100 nos.
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19. Swasanandam Gulika (AY_TAB245)
A very effective and useful ayurvedic medicne for the treatment of Asthma, Bronchitis and Respiratory Infection.
Price : Rs. 90/- 100 nos.
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20. Vettumaran Gulika (AY_TAB246)
Vettumaran Gulika is a unique combination for eliminating Fever, Ama Vatham and Vayu troubles.
Price : Rs. 100/- 100 nos.
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21. Yogaraja Gulgulu Gulika (AY_TAB247)
Yogaraja Gulgulu Gulika is very useful in the treatment of all kinds of Rheumatic complaints, Ulcers, Piles and Worms.
Price : Rs. 133/- 100 nos.
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bonetone capsules
22. Bonetone Capsules (AY_TAB248)
Pain and swelling in affected joints with persistent inflammation and development of deformities are the common manifestations of Rheumatic diseases. The time tested herbs incorporated in Boneotne stands proof to its protective value and safety.
Price : Rs. 230/- 100 nos.
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redusma capsules
23. Redusma Capsules (AY_TAB249)
A formulation effective for the management of acute respiratory disorders. Regular usage tones the respiratory system and reduces frequency of attacks. Redusma capsules reduce the intensity of the ashtmatic paroxysms.
Price : Rs. 230/- 100 nos.
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24. Rudanti Capsules (AY_TAB250)
A most effective indigenous medicine for Tuberculosis, without side effect and other hazards of modern medicines.
Price : Rs. 309/- 10x10 caps.
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25. Leucolin Capsules (AY_TAB251)
Remedy for Leucorrhoea and constant back-ache, stops fifthy discharge and improves general health.
Price : Rs. 223/- 10x10 caps.
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26. Rudragen Capsules (AY_TAB252)
Scanty and painful mensturation, Amenorrhoea, Dysmenorrhoia. Induces and improves the qualntity and qualityof menses, relieves painful periods.
Price : Rs. 253/- 100 caps.
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27. Serpentina Capsules (AY_TAB253)
Mild to moderate Hypertension, Cardiovascular diseases. Associated with symptoms like sleeplessness, giddiness, loss of concentration. A safest herbal Hyotensive with synergistic actions. Safely reduces blood pressure to normal and maintains it.
Price : Rs. 223/- 10x10 caps.
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28. Diabecap Capsules (AY_TAB254)
Controls diabetes and all its symptoms. Sets right pancreatic functions. Checks copious urination. It can be used alongwith Insulin or other drugs to replace or reduce their dosage.
Price : Rs. 293/- 10x10 caps.
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29. Manjisthin Capsules (AY_TAB255)
A potent blood purifier and useful in various skin diseases like Eczema, Ring Worm, Dermetitis, Psoriasis, Scabies and many other Skin diseases.
Price : Rs. 304/- 10x10 caps.
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30. Bacto Capsules (AY_TAB256)
Effective for Cold, Fever, Ulcer, Infected Boils, Gonorrhoea. A broad spectrum ayurvedic antibiotic, effective on various gram positive and gram negative organism. Free from toxicity, adverse side effects. Completely safe and effective.
Price : Rs. 382/- 10x10 caps.
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31. Bleecid Capsules (AY_TAB257)
Herbal haemostatic and coagulant. Useful in all bleeding conditions like Dysfunctional Uterine bleeding, Piles, Epistaxis, Haematemesis, Purpura, Bleeding Gums, Haematuria.
Price : Rs. 253/- 10x10 caps.
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32. Vatayani Capsules (AY_TAB258)
A most effective potent ayurvedic medicine for Rheumatism, Arthritis, any type of Paina and Inflammation, Spondylitis, Sciatica, Lumbago, Neuritis, gout and Back-ache.
Price : Rs. 320/- 10x10 caps.
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33. Haemeron Capsules (AY_TAB259)
A powerful ideal Haematinic. Effective in treating Mal nutritional Anaemia, Prenatal Anaemia, Post operative convalescence. Anaemia following Malaria and other Haemobytic disorders during pregnancy and after delivery
Price : Rs. 304/- 10x10 caps.
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34. Switran Tablets (AY_TAB260)
Clinically tried and 91% successful medicine for Leucoderma., vanishes the sport shortly.
Price : Rs. 119/- 100 tabs.
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35. Acicalm Tablets (AY_TAB261)
Effective for Hyper-acidity, Pain, Peptic Ulcer, Gas formation, Constipation etc. It has Antacid and Antiflatulent properties, Detoxicates the G.I.T, helps in digestion, morning evacuation and relives gastric irritation.
Price : Rs. 86/- 100 tabs.
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36. Diodine Capsules (AY_TAB262)
Checks diarrhoeas and dysentries of varied etiology. Completely safe, effective and non toxic. Provides antiamoebic and antibacterial activity.
Price : Rs. 223/- 10x10 caps.
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37. Cafevit Capsules (AY_TAB263)
Pre and Post natal cases, patient on diuretic therapy, convalescence, under nutrition and malnutrition, rickets and marasmus etc. Provides Iron, Calcium, Vitamin B-Complex, Vitamin C,Zinc,Copper,Phosphorous and Magnesium in therapeutic concentration.
Price : Rs. 304/- 10x10 caps.
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38. Fem-Fit Capsules (AY_TAB264)
Fem-Fit is a fitness capsule for female. It maintains the normal menstural cycle. Improves general health returning to feminine grace.
Price : Rs. 453/- 10x10 caps.
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39. Leucovage Vaginal Tablet (AY_TAB265)
Prevents growth of fungus and other paracites in the vagina. Convenient and effective treatment for Leucorrhoea of varied etiology. Most effective in candidiasis, Trocomoniasis and other vaginal infections.
Price : Rs. 44/- 20 tabs.
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40. Punson Capsules (AY_TAB266)
A powerful preparation to change the sex of fertilized ovum (zygote). A well tested authentic medicine.
Price : Rs. 400/- 5 caps.
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41. Shaktina Capsules (AY_TAB267)
A capsules specially for men, helps rejuvenation, aphrodisiac and Geriatric. Improves the quality and quantity of semen. Can be used by aged peoples also. Delay aging effects. Activates the metabolic pattern.
Price : Rs. 500/- 10x10 caps.
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42. Endopile Capsules (AY_TAB268)
Endopile capsules arrests bleeding due to piles, reduces inflammation in haemorrhoids, cures infection and itching. It can be used for all types of piles.
Price : Rs. 70/- 30 capsules
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